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About the Owner

Paul NationI took my first flight in a Piper Warrior when I was 17. That first flight was enough to let me know that aviation was where I belonged. I learned to fly at Delta State University in 1993, and embarked on a career in aviation. Over the last 17 years, I have flown more than 5000 hours, and I now hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate for multi-engine airplanes and Flight Instructor ratings for single and multi-engine airplanes and an instrument instructor rating. In addition to my extensive flying background that includes flight instruction, aircraft charter, corporate aviation, and aerial mapping work, I also have a strong background in aviation management with management experience in the flight training, aerial mapping, and air charter industries. As part of this management background, I have a decade of experience managing piston airplanes.

I have always had a "Jack of All Trades" ability that has served me well in working with small companies. My aviation skills are just the pinnacle of the talents that I can bring to your organization, link. Let me show you how I can put these skills to work for you.

Paul D. Nation