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Why Choose Air Charter

Air Charter is often viewed as a privilege of the wealthy. We disagree wholeheartedly. This misconception often leads businesses to not consider air charter as a viable transportation method. Instead, businesses subject their employees to travel by automobile or the commercial airlines.

Cars: Loss of time in traffic and hidden costs

The automobile is seen as the most economic mode of transportation, but in many cases nothing could be further from the truth. How productive is an employee sitting in traffic? When you consider lost compensation and productivity while an employee spends hours in a car, the car may not be the most economical method of transportation for most trips. When you add to this the cost of extra hotel nights try, extra meals, and increased time away from family, the automobile becomes a very expensive proposition.

Commercial Airlines: Airport hassle and unnecessary delays

Commercial airlines utilize aircraft that travel 400-500 miles per hour. They obviously must be the most efficient mode of transportation. Unfortunately, this is simply not correct. Most airlines use an inefficient infrastructure called the hub and spoke system. This is why you almost always have to travel hundreds of miles out of your way to reach your desired destination. In fact, your average door-to-door time on many airline flights will be the same or longer than time spent in the automobile. Again, this means lost productivity as your employees wait in terminals, deal with lost baggage, and wait on late airplanes.

Alabama Air Shuttle: Straight to your destination for maximum productivity

Air Charter is the transportation alternative that is a smart value. Air Charter aircraft not only use the same airports that commercial airliners do, but also thousands of smaller airports that are closer to where you are actually trying to go. Our airplane departs and returns on your schedule. With Air Charter you can reclaim that lost productivity time on the ground and in the air. The airplane is yours to work in privacy and comfort.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how this can work for you:

Example 1 - Trip for Three from Birmingham to Panama City

Example 2 - Trip for Three from Huntsville to Mobile

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