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Aircraft Charter

As a former Director of Operations and Chief Pilot for an aircraft charter company, Paul Nation knows the air charter business. When most people think of air charter, they think of small airplanes dropping you off in the wilderness in remote locations, or of extravagant business jets whisking the wealthy off to exotic locales. However, these are the fringes of the air charter business.

Air Charter picks up where the commercial airlines and the automobile fall short:

  • The airlines are limited to commercial airports in large cities, and subject you to flying on their schedule.
  • Air charter allows you to fly directly from the closest airport to your home or office to the airport closest to your destination.
  • Automobiles are an inefficent use of time and corporate resources and cost your company productivity.

Charter Referrals

While Nation Aviation does not offer air charter flights, what we do offer is the service of connecting you with the right air charter operator. Trying to find the right airplane for a chartered flight can be a daunting task. The price of a charter trip will vary greatly depending on the size and type of airplane selected. When you call a charter operator directly, that operator is obviously going to try to encourage to use their airplane, which may or may not be the right airplane for your trip. At Nation Aviation we will work with you to place you with the operator that makes the most sense for each individual trip. Paul Nation has worked directly with air charter providers for years. His experience can save you hundreds of dollars per trip. The best part is that there is no charge to you for this service. Call us today for a free consultation on how air charter can work for you.

Air Charter Guide

Please see our sample of types of air charter airplanes that are available for your next trip.

All air charter flights are provided by FAA approved, certificated air charter companies.