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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is air charter anyway?

    Rent an aircraft, not a seat. FAA certificated air charter companies provide pilots as well. The aircraft and pilot are yours! Air charter aircraft vary from small 3-4 passenger airplanes to 747’s for hundreds of people.

  2. Do air charter companies fly from the same terminals as the airlines?

    Generally, not. Air charter companies fly from smaller, very nice, executive terminals. Air charter companies will provide directions to these terminals.

  3. Why should I consider air charter?
    • Improve your company’s efficiency and productivity. For onfy elektrolyte bei durchfall example, with air charter you can accomplish in one day that which otherwise might take two or three days. Need to visit more than one location in one day? Usually, no problem!
    • Enjoy truly first class service from people who care about your welfare and satisfaction and who value you as a customer.
    • Take one or more valued associates along. They don’t cost any extra!
    • Enjoy a really first class vacation! Air charter travel is a pleasure, not a chore.
    • Travel on your schedule, not on an airline’s schedule.
    • Enjoy first class accommodations, such as comfortable leather seats, air conditioning, helpful and considerate personnel, complimentary snacks and beverages, optional catering services, help with renting an automobile, and help with selecting the closest airport to your destination.
    • Fly point-to-point, not through an airline’s hub city. Get to your destination faster.
    • Fly to thousands of airports not serviced by the airlines. Get closer to your destination.
    • Arrive at the airport literally minutes prior to your departure.
    • Avoid security hassles and lines, lines, lines!
    • Arrive at your destination ready for business or play, not fatigued by the stresses of airline travel.
    • Enjoy the amenities of executive terminals, such as baggage handling; Internet connections; complimentary, premium coffee and snacks; clean restrooms; relaxing lounges; and hotel and restaurant references.
  4. Isn’t all of this very expensive?

    Air charter costs less than you think, especially when you consider the value of the rewards. Time is money. If you value your time and that of your business associates or vacation partners, you will choose air charter.

    Alabama Air Shuttle appeals especially to the cost-conscious traveler because we fly first class, but economical and safe, smaller, twin engine aircraft. We specialize in the 250-500 mile trip for up to 4 adults (up to 5 people if some are children).

  5. Can Alabama Air Shuttle help me with longer trips and more passengers?

    Absolutely! We want to be your one-stop shop for air travel. We have formed relationships with trusted air charter companies that as a group have a wide variety of aircraft. We can help you find just the right airplane for your group.

  6. A friend who is a pilot and who has his own airplane told me he will take me where I need to go. Do I really need air charter?
    • Is your friend always going to be available when you need to travel?
    • Is your friend a competent and proficient pilot? Air charter pilots must meet stringent FAA requirements, similar to those of airline pilots.
    • Is your friend’s airplane maintained to high standards? Air charter airplanes are maintained to very high FAA standards.
    • Will your life insurance, travel and accident insurance, and disability insurance cover you if there is an accident? Check your insurance policies. Many policies will cover you only if you travel on FAA certificated air carriers, such as Alabama Air Shuttle.
  7. Are reservation and payment procedures for air charter complex?

    No. Remember, our goal is to provide first class, individualized service. Just call Alabama Air Shuttle at 877-408-9696 (toll free) and find out!

  8. Do I need to know about airplanes before I can charter one?

    No. You don’t need to know anything about airplanes. Our job is to make everything easy and convenient for you, such as suggesting the best aircraft for your trip. All you need to know is where you want to go, when you want to get there, when you want to return, how many people will be going with you, and the approximate weights of each person in your party and the luggage.

  9. I have never flown in small airplanes before. I am a little nervous.

    Being a little apprehensive is natural. We will do everything possible to allay your fears. Smaller air charter airplanes are just as strong and safe as larger aircraft. The sensations of flying are somewhat different because smaller aircraft are more sensitive to wind flows, but soon you will not even notice. You might even find that you like to fly in smaller aircraft better!

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Alabama Air Shuttle, Inc., is an FAA certificated air carrier.
For your own protection, before you travel by air, ask if the carrier has an FAA certificate.