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So you don't have a plane sitting in your driveway, ready to whisk you away. But you have the closest thing to it: Alabama Air Shuttle's pilot, waiting at the airport, on board to take you and your coworkers,friends or family to another Alabama city in just minutes -- or to any Southeast destination or beyond.

Skip the clogged interstates and traffic pile-ups and go beyond what is expected. After arriving at the airport just a few minutes before takeoff, you will coast to your destination with no responsibilities or hassles. At Alabama Air Shuttle, we prove daily that we are miles above the commonplace.

This is our only business.

Alabama Air Shuttle is one of the few air charter companies solely dedicated to your air travel needs. The personalized service you will receive with Alabama Air Shuttle is above and beyond any travel aboard a commercial airline. There is no hub, no layover, no reason to fly to the largest airport. Whether your destination is a big city or a small town, we exist to take you where you want to go.

We offer both deluxe service and cost-effectiveness.

Since Alabama Air Shuttle flies from deluxe small terminals, there is no need to arrive an hour or more before boarding. Five or ten minutes will do. Check in, give an attendant your luggage and climb aboard! You even have time for a cup of coffee before boarding. Air charter travel with Alabama Air Shuttle can be surprisingly cost-effective, especially when you fly with a few friends or co-workers. Our prices are among the lowest in the Southeast.

We make air travel a pleasure -- not a burden.

We invite you to call for a quotation or contact us with questions. Alabama Air Shuttle’s convenient, door-to-door service includes free parking, no long lines, and service directly to your destination. At Alabama Air Shuttle, your plans are our plans, learn. Simply call for a quotation, and you can be at your destination when you want, subject to aircraft and pilot availability. You make the call and get to the airport, and we take care of the rest. Don’t you wish everything else in life were this easy?

We also offer other aviation services.

A Smart Value

  • Easy reservation and payment process
  • No security checkpoints, no boarding hassles and long lines
  • Reliable, on-time flights that meet or beat industry standards
  • Comfortable seating
  • Safe, knowledgeable and experienced pilots-FAA-approved
  • Everyday reasonable prices-great value
  • Individual charter flights arranged quickly and easily


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Alabama Air Shuttle, Inc., is an FAA certificated air carrier.
For your own protection, before you travel by air, ask if the carrier has an FAA certificate.